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The Exhibition of One hundred years' Korean Calligraphy (1988.2.16 - 4.15)

This exhibition was specially held for celebrating the opening of the Calligraphy Hall in Seoul Arts Center. On display were about 150 pieces of work by the major calligraphers who have leaded the modern Korean calligraphy for the past 100 years, during which the great changes of Korean calligraphy could be found in the style of works, the social position of calligraphers and the working environment.

More affluent material for learning calligraphy was introduced through China and Japan, the national contests were held, the professional institute of calligraphy developed, and professional calligraphers and artists went public. On the other hand, with the policy of using only Hangul and Western art oriented modern art education, calligraphy strayed from its original intent. In this environment, in most cases, large works exclusively for appreciation were preferred. At the same time, a variety of styles, rules and characters competed for higher reputation. The works of the following were displayed: Oh Sei-chang, Kim Kju-jin, Kim Tae-suk, Kim Don-hee, Kim Ku, Lee Shi-young, Sohn Jae-hyoung, Yu Hee-kang, Kim Chung-hyeon, Song Seong-yong, Lee Chul-kyong, Chung Hyan-sub, Yim Chang-soon, Pae Kil-gi, Seo Hee-Hwan, and Lee Ki-woo.