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The Exhibition of the History of Hangul Calligraphy (1991.10.8 - 11.7)

This exhibition classified by category, style and period the materials and works of Hangul calligraphy. Hangul is the only letter in the world the maker of which was identified, and has an established reputation of the most scientific letter with the systemic structure of letter and the phonetic system symbolizing the shape of the sound-producing organ, on the philosophical base of Samjai-Sasang or the Idea of Three Majors of the Heaven Earth and Human, and Umyang-Sasang or the Male and Female Principles.

In this exhibition you could see the history of the styles from Wood block and courtly style in Hunminjungem, Sukbosangjeol, and Orunhangsildo to informal and common style. It is true that the simplicity of the structure made the Hangul calligraphy regarded to be less important than the Chinese one, but this exhibition presented that Hangul has its own originality and diversity for the calligraphical expression. This was reaffirmed in the Exhibition of Hangul Calligraphy's Today and Tomorrow in 1996, in which the young calligraphers reinterpreted existing Hangul calligraphical works with their own artistic vision.