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The Exhibition of Ancient Epigraph and Rubbed Copies (1998.12. 22 - 1.24)

The materials and 100 works of calligraphy exhibited covers 1500 years from the introduction of Chinese to the Korean Peninsula and the period of Three Kingdoms, to Goryu Dynasty. Especially through the letters of epigraph and the ancient rubbed copies we could see the history, Buddhist ideas, various patterns, and ancient and medieval languages as well as calligraphical styles.

The remarkable epigraph exhibited was of the Tombstone of Gwanggaeto the Great, of the four monuments of the Pilgrimage of the King Jinheong's, of Taejasabi by Kim Saeng, Sasanbimyong by Cho Chiwon, of Chungpyong-Sanmun-Suwonjungsuki and the Records of the Temple Bohyun in Mt. Myohyangsan by Tanyeon, and of the tombstones for the late monks at the transition period from Silla to Goryu.