2003 SAC Youth Concert

Jun.21(Sat) 5:00pm Concert Hall

Virtuosi of the Romanticism
- Chopin and Liszt, the Piano Poet and the Piano King!

Our third guests for the¡¸2003 SAC Youth Concert¡¹are 'Chopin and Liszt,
the Piano Poet and the Piano King!'. Narrator Park Eun-hee, and Hong Seung-chan
will guide you to the piano poet Chopin and the initiator of the symphonic poem Liszt.
Pianist Kim Dae-jin will bring Chopin to you and
Pianist Hyun Young-jin will perform Hungarian Fantasy of Liszt.
Korean Symphony Orchestras unique performance will be held at the lobby 30 minutes
prior to the concert, and it will be another joy for the audience.

Conductor Jung Chi-yong
Narration Park Eun-hee, and Hong Seung-chan
Piano Kim Dae-jin, Hyun Young-jin
Korean Symphony Orchestra

Chopin Les Sylphides
Chopin Piano Concert No.1 2nd movement, No.2 2nd movement(Piano Kim Dae-jin)
Liszt Hungarian Fantasy(Piano Hyun Young-jin)
Liszt Symphonic Poem Prelude

12,000(Adults), 7,000(Students)
* 11,000(Adults), 6,000(Students) for SAC members