SIDance 2017

SIDance 2017
SIDance (Seoul International Dance Festival) is a regular international festival, hosted by Seoul Section of CID-UNESCO. Ever since it was first held in year 1998, it has now reached its 20th hold in 2017, positioning as a representative performance art festival in Asia. SIDance aims to foster exchange between dancers and performances, organizes co-production and tour and performs perfectly as a leading entity of cultural exchange. Moreover, by collaborating with international performance art festivals, such as Mexico Festival International Cervantino, France Festival Montpellier Danse, Singapore Arts Festival, etc., it is also taking the role of spreading out the excellence of Korean performance art throughout the world.

Who¡¯s Next I, II

I: OCT 17 (TUE) 8:00pm Book

II: OCT 19 (THU) 8:00pm Book

Nominated performances of the Korean representatives
for the East Asia Dance Platform 2018

<Who¡¯s Next>, which has been leading the advancement of Korean dancers on the international stage since 2013, has achieved about 30 overseas advancements over the past four years. As a showcase of the works of Korean dancers to domestic and international presenters, festival directors, and theater officials who have come to SIDance, <Who¡¯s Next> will be an exciting relay of new talents and established choreographers with outstanding talent and artistry. This concert will also serve as the Korean representative selection performance of the 2nd East Asian Dance Platform (EADP), which will be held during the 2018 SIDance season. EAPD was created to promote dance exchanges and to find new choreographers among Korea, China, and Japan. It is co-hosted by Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Festival (CCDF), Japan Yokohama Arts Foundation (Yokohama Dance Collection), and Korea¡¯s SIDance. It will be held every year in the order of China-Korea-Japan starting from the first convention in Hong Kong this November. Moving beyond exchanges among Korea, China and Japan, this event will be a platform for active exchanges with Europe, based on cooperation with ICE HOT, a network of Nordic countries. Especially, this year, in order to select groups to perform at Korea Dance Week in London in May 2018, a programmer in charge of Korean Dance Week will attend at <Who¡¯s Next I, II>. Moreover, dance curators and programmers from more than 10 European countries, including the UK, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, and Russia, will also visit SIDance to watch performances of Korean artists.

Compagine TAMADIA / Yasmine Hugonnet Book

OCT 21 (SAT) 5:00pm

Compagine TAMADIA <Kounfetaga (Wandering)>

¡°Dance of Soul, Sing about Africa.¡±

The African word ¡°kounfetaga¡± meaning ¡°wandering,¡± can also refer to a feeling and a characteristic. The piece embarks from a simple question, ¡°What is the worst thing ever happened in your life?¡± This is a profound sympathy toward the victims of all kinds of calamity, such as the tsunami, the Fukushima disaster and the disaster in Lampedusa Island. Retelling the experiences with his body, Bougobali Sanou goes through a healing process while grieving and asking, what is the worst thing that has ever happened in your life?

The 3rd Delphic Laurel Award in Jeju, Korea (2009)
Laureate of VISA pour la creation of French Institute, Paris (2014)

Yasmine Hugonnet <Le Récital des Postures (Recital of Postures)>

¡°Naked Body, Neat Scribble, Meet with This Controversial Solo.¡±

Dance could be called visual music. The choreographic composition is a result of an exploration of the elements that together make the body move. The movement is constant whether visible or not, even in apparent immobility. Yasmine tries to make the proximity that exists between In-posture and Im-posture vibrate. There¡¯s no practical music and costume, but the stage is fulfilled with the inaudible pulse and music. This show might not be for watching, but dancing yourself. Yasmine supposedly hopes the audience to breathe, sweat and dance with her.

¡°This silent piece exudes a strong musicality, ¡¦ the piece¡¯s strangeness captivates us, ¡¦¡±
- Philippe Saire (Artistic Director, Sévelin Theatre)

¡°¡¦ a delightful and heartening commotion everywhere Yasmine Hugonnet performs¡¦ <Recital of Postures> is one of such works¡¦¡±
- Cècile Dalla Torre <Le Courrier>

Au Ments Dansa - Theatre Book

<Malasombra (The Shadows Thief)>

OCT 22 (SUN) 3:00pm~5:00pm

¡°Hands my shadow back!¡±

Internationally acclaimed Spanish company au Ments combines visual theatre, dance, video art, object theatre, experimental shadow theatre and rock music to create a beautiful, exciting, fantastical journey through a collective fantasy, plunging us through the human soul¡¯s darkness and light. Tomeu Gomila launched auMents company in 1996, and he has been interested in bringing the cartoon world into the stage with the collaboration of the illustrator Max. The outcome is a dance and theater production of great visual strength in which the magical qualities of the stage design take us on a journey into the deep recesses of a collective fantasy. A show for family audience, heavy metal kids.

Winner of Escénica Awards for Best Production, Best Performance, Best Stage Design, and Best Lighting in 2011 (Balearic Islands)

¡°All the feel of a Tim Burton fairytale.¡± <FESTMAG>
¡°It is a visual feast.¡± <FRINGE GURU>

Věra Ondrašíková & Collective / Ofir Yudilevitch Book

OCT 24 (TUE) 8:00pm

Věra Ondrašíková & Collective <Guide>

¡°45 minutes full of Light and Tension. Electrify Your Body.¡±

What do we learn if we could meet ourselves in the future? The theme of <Guide> touches all of us. The way how the effects were used with an absolute precision of the movements was quite magical. The audience takes with these two immediately. Thanks to the projection technology, they come together with him on one wave, in the same tunnel, on the same side of the wall. They are witnessing a dialogue with his second self, older and perhaps wiser, yet hardly seeking a guide. Věra Ondrašíková, the choreographer, has won the Dancer Award at the Masdanza Festival. Her performances have been presented at the Tanet Praha Festival, the Biennale de la danse de Lyon, the Aerowaves Festival in London, Amsterdam, etc.

¡°...the theme that hits everybody, but it was also very beautifully done,..¡±
Laura Kumin (Director of Certamen Coreografico de Madrid)

¡°¡¦in spite of its precision of movement and control, is very lively and natural.¡±
Jakub Navák (Tanecní zona)

Ofir Yudilevitch <Gravitas>

¡°Thrilling Gestures by Two Men above Mattress,
Ready to Experience New Dance?¡±

Gravity is one of the most basic and powerful forces in nature. It defines the language we use in everyday life: Up-down, light-heavy, high art-low art. Gravity doesn¡¯t care if we land or crash. We take a moment to play with it. We become pure mass and try to surrender to its blind will. <Gravitas> is a performance that combines dance and acrobatics. In his pieces, Ofir seeks to embody extreme physical states, originating from his background as an acrobatics and Capoeira teacher. In 2015 he created his first large scale performance <Gravitas>.

¡°¡¦The beauty between the extreme physical effort and the pleasure of the embraced fall.¡±
Ruth Eshel (Haaretz)