<2017 SAC Orchestra Festival> with Hanwha

2017 SAC Orchestra Festival with Hanwha

<SAC Orchestra Festival> presented by Seoul Arts Center is now reaching its 29th season. The festival began to commemorate the first anniversary of SAC Concert Hall*s opening in 1989. The signature program of Seoul Arts Center has been supported by Hanwha since 2000.

Everlasting April Festival

This season takes place in April for 20 days, starting with Korean Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Hun-Joung Lim with pianist Dasol Kim as soloist on 1st of April. Until the last concert of Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Young Min Park and pianist Minsoo Sohn on 23rd of April, the festival has special appearances of 19 local symphony orchestras with the addition of one foreign one - the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

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* The artists and programs are subject to change without prior notice.
APR 1 (FRI) 5:00pm
Korean Symphony Orchestra
Hun-Joung Lim, Conductor
Dasol Kim, Piano

R. Wagner 太 &Prelude and Liebestod* from <Tristan and Isolde> (Dasol Kim, Piano)
F. Liszt 太 Totentanz, S.126
R. Strauss 太 Also sprach Zarathustra, Op.30
APR 2 (SAT) 5:00pm
Chuncheon Philharmonic Orchestra
Jong Jin Lee, Conductor
Yun-jung Lee, Violin

L. v. Beethoven 太 Leonore Overture No.3, Op.72a (Yun-jung Lee, Violin)
W. A. Mozart 太 Oboe Concerto in C major, K.314
N. Rimsky-Korsakov 太 Scheherazade, op.35
APR 4 (TUE) 8:00pm
Busan Philharmonic Orchestra
Manuel Lopez-Gomez, Conductor
Choon-Soo Chung, Violin

L. v. Beethoven 太 Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.61 (Choon-Soo Chung, Violin)
P. I. Tchaikovsky 太 Manfred Symphony in b minor, Op.58
APR 5 (WED) 8:00pm
Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra
Daejin Kim, Conductor
Chi Ho Han, Piano

E. Grieg | 'The Last Spring' from "Two Elegiac Melodies", Op.34-2
S. Rachmaninov 太 Piano Concerto No.3 in d minor, Op.30 (Chi Ho Han, Piano)
G. Mahler 太 Symphony No.7 in e minor "Lied der Nacht"
APR 6 (THU) 8:00pm
Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra
James Judd, Conductor
Won Kim, Piano

Sung-hwan Choi 太 Arirang Fantasy
F. Chopin 太 Piano Concerto No.1 in e minor, Op.11 (Won Kim, Piano)
S. Rachmaninov 太 Symphony No.2 in e minor, Op.27
APR 7 (FRI) 8:00pm
Gwangju Symphony Orchestra
Hong-Je Kim, Conductor
YeonSun Joo, Cello

C. Saint-saëns | &Bacchanale* in Act 3 from <Samson et Dalila>
C. Saint-saëns | Cello Concerto No.1, Op.33 (YeonSun Joo, Cello)
H. Berlioz | Symphonie Fantastique, Op.14
APR 8 (SAT) 5:00pm
KBS Symphony Orchestra
Yoel Levi, Conductor
Bomsori Kim, Violin

J. Brahms 太 Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.77 (Bomsori Kim, Violin)
J. Brahms 太 Symphony No.4 in e minor, Op.98
APR 9 (SUN) 5:00pm
Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra
Chiyong Chung, Conductor
Hongpark Kim, Horn

R. Gliere 太 Horn Concerto in BL Major, Op.91 (Hongpark Kim, Horn)
A. Bruckner 太 Symphony No.7 in E major, WAB 107
APR 11 (TUE) 8:00pm
Gunpo Prime Philharmonic Orchestra
Yun-Sung Jang Chung, Conductor
Gihoon Kim, Baritone

F. Liszt | Les Préludes, S.97
G. Donizetti 太 &Cruda, funesta smania* from <Lucia di Lammermoor> (Gihoon Kim, Baritone)
R. Wagner 太 &O du, mein holder Abendstern* from <Tanhäuser> (Gihoon Kim, Baritone)
G. Rossini 太 &Largo al factotum della città* from <Il Barbiere di Siviglia> (Gihoon Kim, Baritone)
A. Casella 太 Symphony No.2 in c minor, Op.12 (Korean Premiere)
APR 12 (WED) 8:00pm
Gangnam Symphony Orchestra
Sung Ki-sun, Conductor
Julius-Jeongwon Kim, Piano

R. Strauss | Don Juan, Op.20
R. Schumann | Piano Concerto in a minor, Op.54 (Julius-Jeongwon Kim, Piano)
W. Lutos帘awski 太 Concerto for Orchestra
APR 13 (THU) 8:00pm
Daegu Symphony Orchestra
Julian Kovatchev, Conductor
Myung Joo Lee, Soprano

R. Strauss 太 Tod und Verklarung, Op.24
R. Strauss | Vier Letzte Lieder (Myung Joo Lee, Soprano)
R. Schumann | Symphony No.4 in d minor, Op.120
APR 14 (FRI) 8:00pm
Wonju Philharmonic Orchestra
Kwang-Hyun Kim, Conductor
Sunwoo Yekwon, Piano

S. Rachmaninov | Piano Concerto No.3 in d minor, Op.30 (Sunwoo Yekwon, Piano)
G. Mahler | Symphony No.1 in D Major, "Titan"
APR 15 (SAT) 5:00pm
Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra
Shiyeon Sung, Conductor
Seung Min Kang, Cello

A. Dvořák | Cello Concerto in b minor Op.104 (Seung Min Kang, Cello)
J. Brahms | Symphony No.4 in e minor, Op.98
APR 16 (SUN) 5:00pm
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Jaap van Zweden, Conductor
Ning Feng, Violin

Fung Lam太Quintessence
B. Bartók 太 Violin Concerto No.2, Sz.112 (Ning Feng, Violin)
J. Brahms 太 Symphony No. 1 in c minor, Op.68
APR 18 (TUE) 8:00pm
Jeonju Philharmonic Orchestra
Hee-Chuhn Choi, Conductor
Kyu-Yeon Kim, Piano

P. I. Tchaikovsky 太 Piano Concerto No. 1 in bL minor, Op. 23 (Kyu-Yeon Kim, Piano)
S. Rachmaninov 太 Symphony No.2 in e minor, Op.27
APR 19 (WED) 8:00pm
Changwon Philharmonic Orchestra
Tae young Park, Conductor
Soyoung Lee, Flute

R. Strauss 太 Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, Op 28 (Soyoung Lee, Flute)
B. Romberg 太 Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, Op.30
I. Stravinsky 太 Le sacre du printemps
APR 20 (THU) 8:00pm
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
Thierry Fischer, Conductor
Thierry Fischer, Violin

Isang Yun | Overture fur gro帕es Orchester
A. Dvořák太 Violin Concerto in a minor, Op.53 (Thierry Fischer, Violin)
P. I. Tchaikovsky 太 Symphony No.5 in e minor, Op.64
APR 21 (FRI) 8:00pm
Jeju Philharmonic Orchestra
In-Hyeok Jeong, Conductor
Sung Minje, Double Bass

Choi Jeong-hun 太 "Darangshi" fur gro帕es Orcheter -Red Island II- (2017) (World Premiere)
S. Koussevitzky 太 Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra, Op.3
G. Mahler 太 Symphony No.1 in D Major "Titan"
APR 22 (SAT) 5:00pm
Gongju City Chungnam Philharmonic Orchestra
Seung-Up Yoon, Conductor
Hyuna Kim, Violin
Woo Jin Kim, Cello

M. Ravel 太 La Valse
J. Brahms 太 Double Concerto for Violin and Cello in a minor, Op.102 (Hyuna Kim, Violin / Woo Jin Kim, Cello)
D. Shostakovich | Symphony No.5 in d minor, Op.47
APR 23 (SUN) 5:00pm
Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra
Young Min Park, Conductor
Minsoo Sohn, Piano

R. Wagner | &Walkurenritt* from Act. 3 (Edited by W. Hutschenruyter)
S. Prokofiev | Piano Concerto No. 2 in g minor, Op.16
R. Strauss 太 Tod und Verklarung, Op.24
R. Strauss 太 Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, Op 28