Rudolf Nureyev's legendary, Emmy-winning performance of Tchaikovsky's ballet performed with Korea National Ballet Company

Korea National Ballet Company shows us the beautiful story based on fairy tale and the essence of the polished & splendid legitimate European classical ballet. We invite you to a fantastical stage harmonized with the perfect choreography of Rudolf Nureyev who was Art Director of the Paris Opera Ballet, and the stage setting & costumes of the La Scala theatre.

*Date : May 8(Sat.) ~ 15(Sat.), 2004 7:30pm (No performance on Monday)
            (cf. May 9(Sun.) 4:00pm)
*Venue : Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center
*Presented by : Seoul Arts Center(SAC), Korea National Ballet Company(KNBC)
*Ticket Price(won) : 100,000(VIP) 80,000(R) 60,000(S) 40,000(A) 30,000(B) 20,000(C)
*Discount : 30% discount for SAC gold members or group or primary school students,
                  20% discount for SAC members
*More Info. & Ticketing : Ticketlink 1588-7890, SAC 02)580-1400,

We present the delightful story based on fairy tale & the European beauty.

Rising to Major ballet Company of KNBC
World famous Ballet Companies like ABT. Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, etc make their repertories with Tchaikovsky's 3 full-length ballets 'The Swan Lake', 'The Nutcracker', 'The Sleeping Beauty'.

Another family Ballet
'The Nutcracker' in December & 'The Sleeping Beauty' in May.
Another family ballet that people of all ages and both sexes can enjoy.
The most beautiful music and dance harmony & the splendid and polished stage representation.
The latest production of Rudolf Nureyev version among the classical ballets, 'The Sleeping Beauty'.

Great work of Nureyev who had reached the peak with splendidness, polishing, various things to see, etc just before his death.
The latest work among the classical ballets.
Choreographyㆍstageㆍcostume artists who worked with Nureyev are invited.

Big ballet performance with orchestra
Extra-large ballet performance with Korean Symphony Orchestra that is acknowledged their own ability among Korean orchestras.

◎ Synopsis
After many years of wanting a child, a King and Queen finally are blessed with a baby girl they name Aurora. The joyful parents invite all the fairies to the christening and ask them to bestow good wishes on the new princess. But they have overlooked one fairy: Carabosse -- and she's in a rage over the slight. Nothing will calm her, and she vows that when Aurora is 16, she'll prick her finger on a spindle and die. Only the intervention of the good Lilac Fairy can save the princess. But she hasn't the power to erase Carabosse's evil spell completely. Instead, the Lilac Fairy decrees that Princess Aurora and her court will fall asleep for 100 years... when a prince will awaken her with a kiss.

◎ Casting schedule
May 8 - Kim Joo-won, Lee Won-chul
May 9 - Anna Zharov , Lee Won-kook
May 10 - No performance
May 11 - Kim Joo-won, Lee Won-chul
May 12 - Pollyana Ribeiro, Simon Ball
May 13 - Anna Zharova, Lee Won-kook
May 14 - Pollyana Ribeiro, Simon Ball
May 15 - Kim Joo-won, Lee Won-chul

◎ Staff
Rechoreography - Rudolf Nureyev (Original Choreography - Marius Petipa)
Art Director - Kim Geung-soo
Conductor - Pavel Klinchev
Korean Symphony Orchestra

◎ Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993)
Soviet-born ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev was one of the most celebrated dancers of the 20th century and the first male superstar of the ballet world since Vaslav Nijinsky. He mesmerized audiences with spectacular leaps and turns, but it was his passionate temperament and flamboyance onstage and off that made him a phenomenon. Nureyev, who was of Tatar descent, was reared in Moscow and Ufa, where he studied dance and apprenticed with the Ufa Ballet. He was an outstanding but rebellious student at the Leningrad Ballet School from 1955 to 1958, when he bypassed the corps de ballet and graduated directly to solo roles with the Kirov Ballet. Three years later, on June 17, 1961, while on tour with the Kirov in Paris, he eluded Soviet security guards and requested asylum from officials at Le Bourget airport. In the following months he performed in Paris, New York City, London, and Chicago, but he reached a turning point in 1962 when he partnered the British Royal Ballet's acclaimed ballerina Margot Fonteyn, who was 19 years his senior. Nureyev's fiery virtuosity proved to be a perfect counterpoint to Fonteyn's elegant maturity, and their long partnership rejuvenated her career and established his. Despite his association with the Royal Ballet as a "permanent guest artist" for 20 years, Nureyev was not formally affiliated with the dance company. He worked as a guest artist around the world, both as a dancer and later as a choreographer. In the 1970s Nureyev branched into other performing arts. He appeared on television and in motion pictures, he also toured the U.S. as the King of Siam in a revival of the Broadway musical The King and I, and he even tried his hand at conducting. Although he became an Austrian citizen in 1982, he lived mainly in Paris, where he was director and principal choreographer of the Paris Opera Ballet. In 1989 he danced in the Soviet Union for the first time since his defection. Nureyev made his last public appearance in October 1992, taking a bow at the Paris premiere of his new production of La Bayadere. Nureyev died in 1993, in Paris, France.