Grigori Ditiatkovski's originallity makes hime not only interpret the classic in a traditional way but also graft it on today's reality. First time with Korean actors and actresses, he presents his new play「The Seagull」to let you meet with Chekhov in this century.

*Drama Package*

The emotion of Chekhov that meet by Sensitivity of the native place
Russian Director, Ditiatkovski presents ‘The Seagull’
Apr.14(Wed.)~May.2(Sun.) Towol Theater
/ Ticket Price(won)_30,000(S) 20,000 (A)

Energy of youthfulness that meet by New sense
Director Taewoong Kim's ‘The Happy Life’
May.12(Wed.)~May.30(Sun.) Jayu Theater
/ Ticket Price(won)_20,000(S) 15,000(A)

*Performance time (Total 3hr. 40min.)*

ㅇ Act I : 1hr. 50min.
ㅇ Intemission : 15min.
ㅇ Act Ⅱ : 1hr. 25min.