A very special stage will soon display rare dainties of Russia music. This will be closely connected with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra 2003-2004 Concert Hall Season Opening Stage.
The world best violist Yuri Bashmet visits Korea with his chamber music ensemble Moscow Soloists - the stage will be built especially for their Korean performance.
Yuri Bashmet and Moscow Soloists succeed the Russian Heart Series initiated by St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Yiri Bashmet and his chamber ensemble Moscow Soloists will express the quintessence of the chamber music. Sergei Nakariakov, often designated as Paganini of Trumpet, joins Shostakovich Heart Series which will bring you the culmination of Russian music.
Yuri Bashmet is acknowledged by his devotees for his charm. This attracts audiences at a breath. His wonderful performances and his youthful appearance, comes now to his Korean fans who have waited for a long time to see him.
The piano and trumpet concerto of Shostakovich that he did with Kissin in the Salzburg Festival propelled him to world stardom.
Don't miss this special chamber music stage of SAC. Also presented are Gil Shaham, Cho-Liang Lin & International Sejong Soloists, Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica.

Bach / Brandenburg Concerto No.6
Shostakovich / Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Strings op.35
Paganini / Viola Concerto A minor
Tchaikovsky / Serenade in C Major for String

Conductor & Viola_ Yuri Bashmet
Trumpet_ Sergei Nakariakov
Piano_ Bera Nakariakov
And.._ Moscow Soloists