Magician of voice, internationally famous vocalist and conductor Baby Mcferrin who expresses kaleidoscopic tone of 4 octaves, visits Korea at last.
He who has animal sense, gifted musicality that utilize various vocal technique and bodily some to rhythm part, is a leading cross-over artist trying consensus with audience by jazzy impromptu disposition and classical & humorous sensitivity.
He constructs his own realm of music by attempting various fusion which escapes fixed form of genre in various field in truth such as jazz, pop, vocal, conduct, composition, chorus, fork, etc. and respected from world musical circles to the best artist who won Grammy Awards 10 times while conducting world renowned symphony orchestras such as Berlin Phil, Vienna Phil, New York Phil, London Symphony, etc..
His this visit which is famous as million seller album 'Hush' doing with Yo-Yo Ma to Korean fans will become the best popularity stage this year season that devotees wait.
This performance is going to be gone continuously as the People's Choice's second program connected by 2002 Jessy Norman Recital.


Mozart Overture to <The Marriage of Figaro>
Vivaldi Concerto for Two Celli, RV531 in G minor
Bach/Gounod <Ave Maria>
Barriere Sonata for 2 celli, Allegro Prestissimo

* Jazz program will be decided by artist on the performance day.

Orchestra_ Korean Symphony Orchestra
Guests_ Yang Sung-won(Cello), Ansan City Choir, People's Choice

[People's Choice Result - Who will perform with Bobby?]

Through the SAC website online poll(Jan.19~Jan.26),
Haegum & Seungmu which ranked 1st and 2nd, are decided as surprsing guests.

Seungmu master, Chae Sang-mook(Feb.5) &
Haegum performer, Kang Eun-il(Feb.7) will present their improvisatorial performances with Bobby.

1st rank / Haegum(Korean fiddle) (600/890)
2nd rank / Seungmu(Buddhist dance) (483/890)
3rd rank / Korean traditional percussion instrument (345/890)
4th rank / Daegum(Korean clarinet) (300/890)