The face of today and tomorrow

What is the ideal image of the Korean in the Internalization era? For the efficient estimation of the image that the Korean will have in the future, it will be a clue to identify in our daily face what we are, and through the image reflected in the eyes of the foreigners, where we are in the global society. The starting point of the estimation lies in determining the standard and ideal face of the Korean with scientific methods.

A face is not easy to quantify since it is a combination of many curved surfaces. Various methods are developed for more detailed and three-dimensional restoration of a face, but the photography is the most efficient in many ways. By taking picture of the forth, side, and front of a face and measuring about 70 parts of a face, we can get more than 100 data about the face of a person. Furthermore, with the contour picturing, we can make a time series analysis of the face of a person and a nation as well.

In spite of the regional differences of the face of the Korean, the Korean face is believed to be clearly distinguished from the Japanese and Chinese one. It is because we have in mind an image of the Korean face. This also explains our unfamiliarity with the Korean face estimated by statistical methods; we have a conceptual image of the Korean that is different with the actual figures. And this conceptual image of the Korean could be found in the faces that great kings, generals, virtuous women, filial children or everyday women have been believed to have.