Music Academy for Brilliant Children

General information for Music Academy for Brilliant Children (2003)

This Music Academy is for the young and talented, where they study and grow to be leading musicians in Korea.
SAC established Music Academy for Prodigy to seek the young talented musicians and raise them into outstanding players. Then, they will be the leaders of Korean music circles. We select, through auditions, students from elementary school through high school age who want to major in instrumental music. Music Academy provides nice lecturers and talented students with a familiar and musical environment in the grand system of SAC. Therefore, their talent will flourish in this wonderful place. We will encourage students to achieve their goals.

Application and registration (11th period)

  • -Courses : piano, violin, cello, flute, viola, clarinet and composition
  • -Object : students from the elementary school to the high school who want to study instrumental music
    (* composition - from the 3rd grade elementary school students to the 2nd grade middle school students)
  • -Number of students : not decided yet ( It depends on the ability of the applicants )
  • -Period of education : Jun.30(Mon.) - Dec.27(Sat.), 2003 (24 weeks / once a week / for 50 minutes)
  • -Classroom : Music Academy for Brilliant Children at Concert Hall
  • -Tuition fee : 1,552,000 won (24 lessons for major instrument * 23 lessons for singing, hearing)

Guide for audition

  • -Period of application : 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. , May.19(Mon.) - May.30(Sat.), 2002 excluding holidays
  • -Date of the audition : Jun.8(Sun.), 2003 (from 10:00 a.m. - It will be informed individually)
  • -Place: Music Academy for Brilliant Children
  • -Repertoire for the audition
    * instrumental music - free(all instruments should be unaccompanied excluding piano)
    * composition - free(music instrument play), interview(submit your composition works if you have), music theory test, singing/hearing
  • -Information Office : visit the administration office of Music Academy for Brilliant Children
  • -More information : call. (02) 580-1623~5, fax. (02)580-1626

Guide for music academy for prodigy

  • -Number of students
    The number of students in the Music Academy for Brilliant Children is 250 persons. We have classes for piano, violin, cello, viola, clarinet and composition now but we will make more classes for another instruments. The regular number of students for an instrument depends on the enrollments and application for the audition. This may be adjusted as necessary.
  • -Contents of a lesson
    Lecturers basically prepare a one-to-one lesson. Students will be taught several subjects to experience a variety world of music. Our courses consist of subjects designed to expand the musical experience of young people. We offer not only the singing/hearing class, which take up 60 minutes every day, but also the opportunity for the student to demonstrate his or her learned ability through the Academy Concert which is held at the end of each semester.
    We also select some excellent students among the enrollment and give them an opportunity to hold a 'Debut Concert' with their teachers in the Recital hall on the birthday(Nov.3) of the Music Academy for Brilliant Children.  In addition, we may plan additional concerts during the period of education.
  • -Placement of lecturers
    We have more than 70 lecturers. The students who have passed the audition will write down the names of their top 5 choices of lecturers. Considering students and lecturers' opinions and their audition grades, we decide the lecturer and the class. Occasionally, this can be adjusted.
  • -Period of education
    We have 2 semesters a year from 2003. The days of class are 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Monday-Saturday. The 1st Semester is from Jan. to Jun.(6 months).The 2nd Semester is from Jul. to Dec.(6 months). We have summer holiday in August.
  • -Additional selection & re-registration
    If a student fails to reach his or her goal, he or she cannot re-register. The vacancies are filled up through the additional selection of students. We'll fill and notify the proper number of students for the additional selection after checking the number of enrollments
  • -Audition
    If you want to apply for the additional selection, visit the Music Academy for Brilliant Children Education Office and fill out the appropriate form. During the audition, we will evaluate the musical ability as well as the child's musical sense and potential for the music. The applicant will play the song of his or her own choice and it will be played unaccompanied. Please bring two photos of the child and the title of the song to the audition.
  • -Composition class
    We choose 3~4 elementary school(from 3 to 6 grade) students and 3~4 middle school students. The audition consists of instrument play(free instrument selection, classic repertory or existing work), interview(submit your composition works if you have), music theory test(elementary school student : western music basic theory / middle school students : basic theory of music and chord), and singing/hearing(elementary school student : singing / middle school students : hearing). The music theory and singing/hearing audition is going to progress for 50 minutes. It has nothing to do with the result of selection. Contents of a lesson consists of music theory class, concord class, singing/hearing class, and major class. Besides, there is sub-major class, and you play your composition work in the end of the term.
  • -Tuition fee
    Each lesson continues for 50 minutes. The tuition fee is about 65,000 won per a class including singing/hearing class. You have to pay the tuition fee before the beginning of lectures in lump sum.
  • -Location and facilities
    Music Academy for Brilliant Children is located in the the Concert Hall(B1 - 400 pyong). It consists of individual lesson rooms, singing/listening practice rooms, Academy Hall, Administration Office, and lecturer's room. We have Gawai Grand Piano, Steinway Piano,Boesendorfer Piano as well as many other top quality instruments.
  • -Inquiry
    call:(02)580-1623~5   fax:(02)580-1626
    700, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-718, e-mail :