Fine Art Academy

General information for Fine Art Academy (2003)

"a longing for the culture and the arts, that impressive start....."
SAC, the center of the culture and the arts in Korea includes a fine arts academy. It consists of various rich courses including Practice Course and Theory Course. You will learn drawing, basic rough sketch, oil painting, water painting, croquis, India Ink, etc in the Practice Course and wiill study photograph in the Photograph Course.
You can also study fine arts in a systematical way in the Theory Course. Art that is taught in the center of the culture and the arts will be your best choice.

General information

  • -Period of education
    1st semester : Mar.10 - the 3rd week of June, 2003
    2nd semester : August.25 - the 3rd week of December, 2003
    (cf. Art history Course : Mar. 18 - the 2nd week of Dec., 2003
         Art Appreciation Course : Mar. - Dec., 2003
         Comprehension of Modern Art Course : Mar.7,2003 ~ )
  • -Application and registration
    Enrolled students : until Feb., 2003
    Newcomers : We take registration now by the order of arrival.
  • -Number of students : 25 persons a class
  • -Tuition Fee : 600,000won a year / 330,000won a semester (cf. Photograph Course : 630,000won a year / 350,000won a semester)
  • -Information Office : fine art academy education office (e-mail :
    (Enter name, age or grade, phone number, cellular phone number)
  • - Classes
    1. Practice Courses : Drawing, Basic rough sketch, Modern art initiation, Modern art, Work study, Croquis, Human body study, Engraving,
    Water painting, Oil painting, India Ink(flowers and birds), India Ink(landscape)
    2. Photograph Course : Photograph study
    3. Theory Courses : Art appreciation, Art history, Comprehension of modern art
  • -More Information ; call 580-1619/20 fax 580-1605

Registration and others

  • -Registration
    By online
    : Send your money in your name, In case of other name,
    please make sure to inform us.
    By credit card
    : LG, VISA, BC, SAMSUNG and KOOKMIN card are accepted.
  • . Please visit us in fine art academy education office, if you are going to pay by credit card.
  • -Tuition fee and the number of students (refer to the chart above)
  • -Period of education
    The total number of classes is 32 times a year (16 times in a semester). Anyone who has attended more than 2/3 of the regular classes will be given the certificate and an opportunity to participate in the Evaluation Exhibition at the art gallery.
  • -The quorum
     If a class has less than 60% of a quorum, it may be cancelled. But, students may be enrolled in another class that has a vacancy, if they want.
  • -Refund and change of class
    Only if the class is cancelled for the semester will, we refund a students fees. However, you can change the class when you submit the relevant documents (the order of transfer or a medical certificate) within 2 weeks from the day of opening class. In addition, you can request a leave of absence for less than 1 year.
  • -Parking
    We offer a stamp for 4 hours free parking and please keep the slip. You should pay the parking fee except the hours of class. If you park at the 'disabled only', you'll be required to pay the penalty of 10,000 won.
  • -Using a locker
    You can rent a locker for 10,000 won a year. You may apply for it after the class is started.
    When you stop renting the locker, please make sure to return the key.
  • -Others
    SAC may provide special teaching materials or aids (including models) for a fee when they find it necessary. In that case, the fees will be charged to the students who used them.
    Please return public items such as water-tins, inkstones and plates in their place after use

Inform us if your address or phone number is changed after the enrollment period. If a lecturer gives a private lesson to his or her student in addition to the regular lesson, or the lecturer receives a gift of money or other valuables, he or she might have difficulty being fair to all students. Therefore please, help us avoid such situations.