Life Drama Academy

General information for The 1st Life Drama Academy Course (2003)

More Information : 02-580-1624 / Fax.02-580-1626
Number of students invited : 40 persons(2 classes)
Date of opening class : Apr. 7(Mon.)
Period of application : Mar. 20(Thur.) - Apr. 12(Sat.), 2003

This academy is open to provide adults with a chance of more various culture experience and to expand the base of latent culture-art customers.

Regular information

  • -Object: adults who have any interest in drama
  • -Course : Drama in Education(DIE) Course
  • -Hours of class
    Students will study for an hour two day per week (total 12 times per year). No class will be held on National Holidays
  • -Enrollment
    Period of the enrollment : One week before the day of opening class
    Tuition fee : 300,000won(12 weeks/twice a week)

Classroom : the dance exercise room on the 3rd floor in the Opera House of SAC

Class Schedule (Lecturer / Park Eun-hee)

  • A Class / (Mon. & Fri) 20:00
  • B Class / (Tue.) 20:00 (Sat.) 16:00