Design Academy

General information for The 2nd Design Academy Course (2003)

More Information : 02-580-1481/1482
Number of students invited : 440 persons(11 classes)
Period of education : 1st Semester / Mar. 10 - Jun. 27, 2003(16 weeks) | 2nd Semester / Aug. 25 - Dec. 19, 2003(16 weeks)
Date of opening class : 1st semester / Mar. 10(Mon.) - Mar. 14(Fri.), 2003(It depends on the class.) | 2nd semester / Aug. 22(Mon.) - Aug. 25(Fri.), 2003(excluding Harvest festival period)

This academy consists of systematic cultural lessons of 1-year course for the people, not for experts and is open to heighten the cultural value & the level of life style.

Regular information

  • -Object: adults who have any interest in design
  • -Courses : Interior Remodeling, Interior Coordination, Interior Fabric Design, Patchwork Wrapping-cloth Design, Patchwork Wrapping-cloth Study, Design Theory(20th Century Design & Culture), Table Decoration
    (Theory íŠ Making a product íŠ On-the-job training íŠ Presentation)
  • -Hours of class
    Students will study for an hour one day per week (total 32 times per year). No class will be held on National Holidays
  • -Enrollment
    Period of the enrollment : One week before the day of opening class
    Tuition fee : 700,000won/year (Materials : seperated expense/ Design Theory Class : 550,000won)

Classroom : in the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum of SAC

Class Schedule

  • Interior Remodeling / (Mon.) 13:30~15:30 (Lecturer /Lee Jae-im)
  • Interior Coordination / (Tue.) 13:30~15:30 (Lecturer /Lee Young-mi)
  • Interior Fabric Design / (Wed.) 10:00~12:00 (Lecturer/Lee Hyun-ju)
  • Patchwork Wrapping-cloth Design / (Thur.) 13:00~15:00 (Lecturer/Kim Hyun-hee)
  • Patchwork Wrapping-cloth Study / (Thur.) 10:00~12:00 (Lecturer/Kim Hyun-hee)
  • Table Decoration / (Fri.) 16:00~18:00 (Lecturer/Choi Hye-lim)