Spaces for Performing Arts and Visual Arts

1. Space for Performing Arts
A. Opera House
* Area
- Building Area: 13,506.59sq.m/4,085.7pyong
- Total Floor Area: 43,510.12sq.m/13,161.7pyong

1) Opera Theatre
* Area
Stages: Main Stage: 750sq.m/227pyong, 30 by 25 meters
Side Stages: 370sq.m/112pyong, 370sq.m/112pyong (Total 740sq.m/224pyong)
Back Stage: 416sq.m/126pyong
Side Depositories: 253sq.m/76pyong
Orchestra Pit (Variable for Wagner Type and Mozart Type)
Seats: 2,600 seats including 66 variable seats
- fanshape type
- consists of orchestral seats on the 1st floor and the balconies on 3 stories
* Facilities
   Dressing Room
- 1st basement : 1 for conductors: 51sq.m/15pyong
1 for music directors: 21sq.m/6pyong
5 for orchestras: 2 of 60sq.m/18pyong and 3 of 30sq.m/9pyong
- 1st floor: 12 for soloists : 8 of 18sq.m/5pyong and 4 of 16sq.m/4.8pyong
- 2nd floor : 8 for dancing groups: 4 of 40sq.m/12pyong and 4 of 18sq.m/5.5pyong
- 3rd floor : 4 for chorus groups: 2 of 40sq.m/12pyong and 2 of 25sq.m/7.6pyong
Stages : Stage curtains consisted of a safety curtain and a house curtain
3 stage lifts
82 fly battens
6 stage wagons
55 point hoists
double turntable, backcross lift, sound door
* Uses : For the exclusive use of opera and for the use of composite arts performance such as ballet, modern dance, musical

2) Towol Theatre
* Area
Stages : Main Stage: 375sq.m/114pyong, 24.5 by 15.3 meters
Side Stage: 222sq.m/68pyong, 14.5 by 15.3 meters
Back Stage: 288sq.m/87pyong, 18 by 16 meters
Orchestra Pit: 60sq.m/18pyong
* Seats : Seats for the choruses and 754 of tiered seats
* Facilities
   Dressing Room
- 1st floor : 2 for groups: 75sq.m/23pyong
2 for orchestras: 18sq.m/5pyong
- 2nd floor : 2 for leading actors: 24sq.m/7pyong
2 for supporting actors: 48sq.m/14.5pyong
1 day dressing room: 40sq.m/12pyong
Stages : Stage curtains consisted of a safety curtain and a house curtain
4 stage lifts
58 fly battens
2 stage wagons
10 point hoists
turntable, backcross lift, sound door
* Uses : For the exclusive use of play and for the use of dance, musical, music play creations

3) Jayu Theatre
* Area
Stage : 198sq.m/60pyong, 18 by 11 meters
Seats : The galleries on the 4 floors from the 1st floor to the 4th floor and variable seats (draw seats)
* Facilities
Dressing Room : 2 for groups: 54sq.m/16pyong
Stage : Studio-type, variable stage
* Uses : For the use of small-sized experimental performances ranging over a wide variety of artistic genres

B. Music Hall
* Area
Building area: 8,228sq.m/2,500pyong
Total floor area: 19,604sq.m/5,940pyong
Parking capacity: Parking lots for 413 vehicles on the Basement 1 and the 1st floor

1) Concert Hall
* Area
Stage: 270sq.m/81 pyong
Seats: 2,608 seats including 322 for the choruses and 8 for the handicapped
* Facilities
   Dressing Room
- Dressing Room for Permanent Orchestra : 1 for conductors: 40sq.m
1 for guest conductor: 40sq.m
2 for concert players: 20sq.m
3 for 7 persons: 1 of 22sq.m, 1 of 24sq.m and 1 of 27sq.m
1 for 8 persons: 30sq.m
1 for 35 persons: 90sq.m
1 for 48 persons: 117sq.m
- Dressing Room for Hiring Orchestra : 1 for conductors: 40sq.m
1 for concert players: 40sq.m
5 for 6 persons: 18sq.m
4 for 7 persons: 18sq.m
1 for 14 persons: 33sq.m
1 for 15 persons: 27sq.m
1 for 25 persons: 45sq.m
- Dressing Room for Choruses 4 for 27 persons: 45sq.m
1 for 42 persons: 65sq.m
- 11 individual studios: 4 of 9sq.m, 4 of 16sq.m and 3 of 20sq.m
- 1 sound absorbing studio for orchestras: 12sq.m
Stage Machine: Refer to the attachment
* Uses: For the exclusive use of musical performance and for the use of regular concerts of orchestras and so on

2) Recital Hall
* Area Stage: 81sq.m/25pyong Seats: 400 seats
* Facilities
Dressing Room: Dressing room and studios of the Concert Hall are available
Stage: Refer to the attachment
* Uses: For the use of various types of performances including chamber music, vocal music, avant-garde and experimental music

2. Visual Arts Spaces
A. Art Gallery
* Area
- Structure : 3 stories above and 2 under the ground
   Total floor area : 15,462sq.m/4,677pyong
   5 exhibition halls: 1,057pyong
- Parking Lots
Parking Lot No.2 (Indoor): The Basement 1 of the Art Gallery: For 87 small-sized vehicles
Parking Lot No.3 (Outdoor): Tiers on 4 floors: For 517 vehicles
Area by space
- Exhibition Hall No.1: 232pyong on the 1st floor and 151pyong on the 2nd floor 7.8 meters high
- Exhibition Hall No.2: 147pyong, 3.25 meters high
- Exhibition Hall No.3: 196pyong, 3.25 meters high
- Exhibition Hall No.4: 184pyong, 3.25 meters high
- Exhibition Hall No.5: 147pyong, 3.25 meters high
- Storage: 147pyong, Haron gas fire-fighting/Automatic thermo-hygrostat
- Exhibition management office for hiring exhibition: 17pyong
* Uses: Indoors, exhibition of visual arts, artistic handicrafts, design works, and Fine art education Outdoors, exhibition of sculptures
* Thermo-hygrostat at the storage
* Lighting: Local lighting(halogen track lighting), Indirect lighting(fluorescent lamp and downright lamp)
* Characteristics
All exhibition halls are open-space.
A depositary is operated on the 1st floor.
CCTV is equipped for protection of the works.

B. Calligraphy Hall
* Names of the Exhibition Halls:
* Area
- Structure: 4 stories above and one under the ground Total floor area: 8,531sq.m/2,581pyong
- Area by space:
10 exhibition halls and 2 galleries: 528pyong
1 conference room, 2 practice rooms, 1 lecture room, 1 research materials room, a bank, resting room, secretariats
* Uses: For exclusive use of calligraphy and for use of exhibition, education and research
* Thermo-hygrostat at the storage
* Lighting: Artificial lighting
* Characteristics
Calligraphy books, works, postcards and so on are available at the art shop on the 2nd floor.
CCTV is equipped for protection of the works.