Even as the joint exhibition on "Korean Bows and Arrows" is currently under way there seems no need of reminding that it has been known to people all over the world for ages that Korean people are experts at making bows and an expert archers as well.
Indeed it is a well-known fact that, from the days of old to the modern ages, bows have been t
he most important weapon in the countless battles of our ancestors.
Furthermore,  after gunpowder was introduced under the rule of Sejong dynasty of Chosun ag
e, the ingenious arrow launching weaponry thrust by gunpowder called  Singijeon and Chong
tongjeon was invented.
On holding the 43rd general assembly of the University Museum Association at the Military Mu
seumin the Korea Military Academy,  it comes to us as having profound meaning to have the o
pportunity to exhibit "the special exhibition of bows and arrows"  which have played such a imp
ortant role in the history of Korean wars.
This exhibition was made possible by the active support of numerous members of the associ
ation. In addition that,  we greatly appreciate the positive support from The National Museum o
f Korea, The National Museum of Gyeongju and Jeonju, and  also Cultural Properties Preserva
tion Bureau.
And our most sincere thanks goes out to Yu Yeongki,  and Kim Bakyeong as well for demonstr
ating  before us the  manufacturing process of bows and arrows, not to mention placing numb
er of relics and restored artifacts on exhibition.
We also owe many thanks to the president  Seo  Nak-Won, and Choe Jongman for showing ex
traordinary  enthusiasm for the photography of the relics,  to Kim  Jeonghye for editing the illust
rated book with utmost devotion and to everybody who make up the department of creative-arts.
Finally, our heartfelt appreciation to the president of Army mutual-aid association press,Yun Su
ngwon and general managers  Jo Sungho, and Sin Hyeonseon for taking on the difficult and la
borious project of producing the illustrated book with utmost ardor.

Oct, 1994. Curator, Lee Jae.