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Bows have been used as a weapon ever since human history began.
As arrowheads were found in our country among micro-lithic wares of the Mesolithic era we know for a fact that bows were one of the more widely used hunting tools in the primitive society.
Furthermore, bows were used even after the invention of the gunpowder weapons up until modern times with the manufacturing of arrows propelled by gunpowder.
And these days it is widely popular as a good way to exercise one's body and mind. Bows can be classified into straight bows and curved bows by its shape and according to the use of the material into wooden bows, horn bows, steel bows, and Cheoltae bows(similar to horn bows but its main body is made of steel). Also by the number of material used it can be divided into single bows and composite bows, by its size into long bows and short bows, by its strength into strong bows and normal bows, by its usage into Yea bows(ceremonial bows), Jeongyang bows(military bow), and Ko bows(ancient bows), and by its decoration into Dong bows(red bows) colored with red, and No bows(similar to the modern day crossbow) colored with black.
The representative bow of Korea is the horn bow. Horn bow can be classified as a composite bow and a curved bow, and is made by pasting together water buffalo horn, sinew of cow and a shaft using isinglass abstracted from a sciaenoid fish.
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