The Little Singers of Paris

The Little Singers of Paris

2014.12.19(Fri) & 12.20(Sat) 8:00pm
Concert Hall

Described by The Washington Post as ‘apostles of peace who sing music of the heavens’, the Little Singers of Paris the only boy’s a cappella choir in the world will tour Korea for the best Christmas Concert again. With their repertoire ranging from classical music by composers, such as Mozart, Handel and Schubert, to folk songs, Christmas carol, the French choir troupe will make the audience emotionally moved by their performance.


PhiliphineFolk Song _ Bahaykubo
F. Schubert _ La Rose rounge
W. A. Mozart _ Berceuse de Mozart
G. F. Handel _ Hallelujah
R. Pierrepont _ Musiqueuniverselle

* The program is subject to change without prior notice.

“…they are mellifluous and marvelous and without doubt the best choir. They are the voices of angels from Paris.” (Mainichi, Japan)

“How can you not be attracted to such perfect harmony…”
(Le Dauphine Libere, France)

“Anyone will envy their perfect and amazing talents.”
(Der TagesSpiegel, Germany)


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