Young-Bae Kim's 11:00am Concert
�� Date : Thursday, Jan.10, Feb.14, Mar.13, Apr.10, May 8, Jun.12,
             Jul.10, Aug.14, Sep.11, Oct.9, Nov.13, Dec.11, 2008
             Thursday, Jan.8, Feb.12, Mar.12, 2009
             at 11:00am (Every 2nd Thursday of the Month)
�� Venue : Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center

�� Presented by : Seoul Arts Center
�� Supported by : Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism
�� Sponsored by : Korea Life Insurance

�� Ticket Price : All seat 20,000won

�� Discount :
10% discount for Students(under 19),
15% discount for SAC Friends or SAC BC Platinum members,
20% discount for SAC Gold Friends
25% discount for PSAC members

    Young-Bae Kim
Concert Guide & Programming
- Pianist
- Former president of Seoul Arts Center

Orchesta : Korean Chamber Orchestra
Leader : Min Kim
Piano : Jung-Hye Na
Violin : Ko-Woon Yang

Mozart / Serenade No.13 in G Major
Vivaldi / "Winter" from <The Four Season>
Turina / Rhapsody for Piano & String Quartet
Piazzolla / Tangos

Korean Chamber Orchestra

Min Kim

Jung-Hye Na

Ko-Woon Yang

Part �� Song of Triumph

Conductor : Bong Kim
Clarinet : Nak-Gu Kim
Piano : Hee-Jung Sim
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Chopin / Piano Concerto No.2 in F minor Op.21
Weber / Clarinet Concerto in Eb Major op.26
Rimsky-Korsakov / 'Scheherazade' Op.35
Saint-Saens / 'Dance Macabre' Op.40
Tchaikovsky / "1812" Overture

Bong Kim

Nak-Gu Kim

Hee-Jung Sim

Conductor : Seung-Han Choi
Piano : Chi-Ho Cho
Violin : Jung-Eun Woo
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Beethoven / Piano Concerto No.3 in C minor Op.37
Mendelssohn / Violin Concerto in E minor Op.64
Beethoven / Symphony No.3 in Eb Major Op.55 "Eroica"
Beethoven / Symphony No.5 in C minor Op.67 "Schicksall"
Beethoven / Symphony No.7 in A Major Op.92

Seung-Han Choi

Chi-Ho Cho

Jung-Eun Woo

Conductor : No-Sang Geum
Trombone : Jeon-Sik Yoo
Piano : Young-Joo Hyun
Orchestra : Gangnam Symphony Orchestra

Saint-Saens / Piano Concerto No.2 in G minor
Alschausky / Waltz Aria No.2 'Mein Ideal'
Rachmaninov / Symphony No.2 in E minor Op.27

No-Sang Geum

Jeon-Sik Yoo

Young-Joo Hyun

�� Upper programs & guests are subject to change owing to circumstances.

Conductor : Dae-Wook Lee
Cello : Sung-Won Yang
Violin : Hyo-Kyung Kim
Soprano : Soo-Yeon Kim
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Sibelius / Symphonic Poem 'Finlandia'
Caccini / Ave Maria
Ravel / Tzigane
R.Strauss / Don Quixote

Dae-Wook Lee

Sung-Won Yang

Hyo-Kyung Kim

Soo-Yeon Kim

Conductor : Jong-Deok Kim
Cello : Seon Won Yang
Piano : Hyun-Soo Cho, Hyun-Ok Moon
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Saint Saens / Le Carnaval Animaux
Saint Saens / Cello COncerto No.1
Liszt / Symphonic Poem "Les Preludes"

Jong-Deok Kim

Seon Won Yang

Hyun-Soo Cho

Hyun-Ok Moon

Conductor : Dong-Soo Im
Cello : Kang-Ho Lee
Flute : Jae-Young Bae
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Vaughan Williams / Fantasia on Green Sleeves
Elgar / Cello Concerto
Reinecke / Flute Concerto
Dvorak / Symphony No.8

Dong-Soo Im

Kang-Ho Lee

Jae-Young Bae

Conductor : Dong-Jin Kim
Piano : So-Yeon Ahn
Oboe : Mi-Young Jeon
Orchestra : Gunpo Prime Philharmonic Orchestra

R.Strauss / Oboe Concerto
Prokofiev / Piano Concerto No.3
Mendelssohn / Symphony No.3

Dong-Jin Kim

So-Yeon Ahn

Mi-Young Jeon

Conductor : Deok-Gi Kim
Tenor : Nam-Doo Kim
Cello : In-Kyung Noh
Piano : Yeon-Chul Sohn
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Rossini / Opera <Il Barbiere di Siviglia> Overture
Stravinsky / Petruschka

Dong-Jin Kim

In-Kyung Noh

Nam-Doo Kim

Yeon-Chul Sohn

Conductor : Chang-Woo Kang
Violin : Choon-Soo Chung
Piano : Jae-Mi Kim
Gayageum : Seul-Gi Lee
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Mendelssohn / Piano Concerto No.1 in g minor Op.25
Saint-Saens / Violin Concerto No.3 in b minor Op.61
Schubert / Serenade
Tchaikovsky / Symphony No.5 in e minor Op.64

Chang-Woo Kang

Choon-Soo Chung

Jae-Mi Kim

Seul-Gi Lee

Conductor : Hyun-Se Lee
Piano : Yoo-Chul Kim
Piano : Hye-Seung Geum
Piano : Chul-Hee Yun
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Rossini / Opera <Il barbiere di Siviglia> Overture
Mozart / Piano Concerto No.26 in D Major K.537
            "Coronation Mass"
Poulenc / Concerto for 2 Pianos in d minor
Debussy / La Mer

Hyun-Se Lee

Yoo-Chul Kim

Hye-Seung Geum

Chul-Hee Yun

Conductor : Taek-Ju Lee
Piano : Moon-Jung Kim
Soprano : Kyung-Hwa Cho
M.Soprano : Hyun-Ju Kim
Tenor : Yun-Suk Han
Bass : Hee-Jun Yang
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra
                   Anyang City Chorus
                   Gwnagju City Chorus

Beethoven / Symphony No.6in F Major Op.68 "Pastoral"
Beethoven / Choral Fantasy in c minor Op.80
Beethoven / Symphony No.9 in d minor Op.125 "Choral"

Taek-Ju Lee

Moon-Jung Kim

Kyung-Hwa Cho

Hyun-Ju Kim

Yun-Suk Han

Hee-Jun Yang

Conductor : Dong-Ho Lee
Violin : Yoo-Jeong Kim
Oboe : Yun-Jeong Lee
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Connors / Violin Concerto in e minor
Haydn / Oboe Concerto in C Major
Smetana / 'Sarka' from Symphonic Poem <Smetana>
Bruckner / Symphony No.7 in E Major

Dong-Ho Lee

Yoo-Jeong Kim

Yun-Jeong Lee

Conductor : Kwang Yoo
Violin : Seung-Hee Kim
Flute : Mi-Sun Lee
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Mozart / Flute Concerto No.1 in G Major K.313
Mozart / Piano Concerto No.20 in d minor K.466
Dvorak / Symphony No.9 in E minor Op.95 "From the New World"

Kwang Yoo

Seung-Hee Kim

Mi-Sun Lee

Conductor : Gi-Sun Seong
Piano : Hee-Gyun Kim
Violin : Hye-Jung Lee
Orchestra : Korean Symphony Orchestra

Beethoven / Piano Concerto No.1
Sibelius / Violin COncerto
Brahms / Symphony No.3

Gi-Sun Seong

Hee-Gyun Kim

Hye-Jung Lee