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Patrons of Seoul Arts Center (Seoul Arts Center Art Sponsorship Association)

Official Website : http://p-sac.or.kr (in Korean)

■ The 10th Executives (2015.03 - 2017.02)
Chairman_ Park Sun-ju
Advisor_ Kim Young-soo, Kim Young-ho, Perk Young-ju, Song Ja, Lee Jong-koo, Choi Jong-yul
Chief Vice-Chairman_ Seo Byung-gi
Vice-Chairman_ Kang Hee-chul, Shin Young-ae, Yoon Eui-sook
Audit_ Park Hye-seong, Shin Phil-yeol
Director_ Kang Shin-jang, Goo Ja-kwan, Kwon Gi-chan, Kim Sang-rae, Kim Jae-jeong, Kim Tae-woo,
                Moon Gyu-young, Park Gi-ju, Park Seong-hee, Park Park Seung-taek, Park Jeong-bu, Park Jong-deok,
                Park Joong-gyu, Park Han-yong,Seo Gyu-ri, Seo Min-seok, Seo Byung-gi, Yang Dong-hoon, Yang Soo-hwa,
                Ye Joo-hee, Yoon Hong-geun, Lee Kang-ho, Lee Byung-man, Lee Bong-hoon, Lee Sang-wan, Lee Eun-jin,
                Lee Choong-hee, Jeong Mun-gi, Jeong Seung-il, Joo Won-seok, Choi Young-chul, Han Chul-ho, Heo Jang-ho
Advisory_ Kim Il-gon, Park Hee-joo, Huh Cham, Hong Ra-hee
Member of Committee_ Kang Shin-jang, Kwon Gi-chan, Kim Young-soo, Kim Young-ho, Park Young-ju,
                                      Park Joong-gyu, Seo Min-seok, Song Ja, Yang Dong-hoon, Yoon Hong-geun, Lee Jong-gu,
                                      Jeong Seung-il, Choi Jong-yul, Huh Cham

■ Membership grades of Personal
- Rose of Sharon - ₩100,000,000 and over
- Peony - ₩50,000,000
- Ume blossom - ₩40,000,000
- Camellia - ₩30,000,000
- Magnolia - ₩20,000,000
- Pomegranate - ₩10,000,000

* You could be promoted to a higher grade through paying the difference.
* There is an annual fee ₩1,000,000 to a member belonging to the Ume blossom membership and under.

■ Advantages for the Members
1. An auto pass for free parking (Rose of Sharon to Pomegranate Membership)
2. Patrons are invited to the performances planned by the Patrons of SAC
3. Also member's names are printed in the monthly magazine, "Seoul Arts Center Beautiful Life" and Homepage of ‘Patrons of Seoul Arts Center’(http://p-sac.or.kr)
4. Also your name or Business name (Business member) on the board in the Music Hall lobby
5. You get free program coupons for the performances planned by Seoul Arts Center
6. You get Maximized discount rates for the performances planned by Seoul Arts Center
7. Membership card
- 10% off : Art Shop, Fragrance, Terarosa Coffee, Caffe Lebean
- 5% off : Ristorante Bellini, The Clef, Daehan Music
- Using the Membership lounge(Opera House 2F) on a self-service basis

■ How to join
Direct deposit
- Bank account : Woori Bank 1005-801-918958 (Patrons of Seoul Arts Center)
- Payment in full or installments are available in 6 months blocks.
- After filling out the downloaded application form. Please fax us the original copy with your own signature.
  Then mail the original copy to us a.s.p. Feel free to call us for more information.

■ Inquiries : Tel ) 02-580-1900   Fax) 02-580-1901

■ Application form
▶ Personal : http://www.sac.or.kr/eng/About/file/application2_Eng.doc
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