The Friends of Seoul Arts Center

"Beautiful participation & Honorable gathering"

Friends of Seoul Arts Center was inaugurated on April 27, 1997 with the purposes of raising funds for the SAC and popularizing culture and arts among the local community. Since then, the Members of Seoul Arts Center, consisting of 155 members (including coupled members) as of December 2001, has expanded to a large organization holding 1.6 billion Korean won in total. In addition to fund raising activities, the organization differentiates itself from other associations by providing the opportunities funds for members to develop friendship among the members, interact with the artists, take part in Yemoa music lessons, and model member management system. In the century of culture and art globally, Members of Seoul Arts Center will do the best in supporting the SAC to become the leading international cultural and arts centers.(December 31, 2001)

For being Friends of SAC and other information, contact us
   - Phone : 02-580-1900 Fax : 02-580-1901
   - Address: 700 Seocho-dong Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea (Zip code: 137-718)

Advantages for the Members

1. A season pass for free parking for a year
   - 2 season passes for Pacesetter (Life member) and over
   - 1 season pass for Benefactors(Life member) & Annual Member Patrons(except Donors)
2. Invited to the performances planned by the Friends of SAC
3. The member's name are printed in the monthly magazine, "Seoul Arts Center(Beautiful Friend)"
4. Invited to one or more reception a year when the main performances being held(We help to meet with cultural artists.)
5. Presented memorial goods designed and produced by Seoul Arts Center
6. Free ticket for the exhibitions planned by Seoul Arts Center
7. Maximize the discount rate for the performances planned by Seoul Arts Center
8. Membership card
   - 10% off: Calligraphy and Fine Arts Academy
   - programs of performances are free
   - 10% off: journals, periodicals and souvenir (10 - 30% off at the art shops)
9. A plate of appreciation for Pacesetter (Life member) and over
10. VIP room is available for Leadership (Life member) and over
11. A copper plate is made and installed for High Leadership (Life member) and over
12. Reserved seat ticket at the Music Hall and Opera Theater for Grand Leadreship (Life member) and over
13. Invited to the opening ceremony of the exhibitions planned by Seoul Arts Center (Outstanding Ladership (Life member) only)

President :

Young-Soo Kim

Advisor :

Ja Song,Seong-Yawng Park,Simon Jong-Koo Lee,Sang-Ha Kim

Audit :

Moo-Hoon Choi,Sun-Joo Park

Vice-Director :

Young-Ho Kim,Young-Ju Park,Sang-Woo Han

Director :

Yong-Won Kim,Cham Huh,Soo-Il Kwak,Choi Jong-Yul,Sung-Han Ji,Young-Hye Lee

Advisory Committee :

Ra-Hee Hong Lee,Hee-Joo Park,Hyun-Ja Lee Abrons

Member / Initiation Fee

1. Life Member
A. Outstanding Leadership / one hundred million won
B. Grand Leadership / fifty million won
C. High Leadership / thirty million won
D. Leadership / twenty million won
E. Pacesetter / ten million won
F. Benefactors / five million for couple, three million for single

2. Year Member
A. Patrons(couple) / two million won for admission fee and three hundreds thousand won a year
B. Patrons(single) / one million won for admission fee and two hundreds thousand won a year
C. Donors / one million won for admission fee and one hundred thousand won a year