The Korean Film Archive

The Korean Film Archive, established in January 1974 is a national nonprofit corporation, which collects and keeps film archive. Film is the mirror of the time as well as the historical and cultural materials, therefore it is our precious cultural legacy. The Korean Film Archive, preserves our cultural legacy and hands down it to our posterity.

Its main tasks are;
collecting, preserving and lending the film / constructing database / campaigns to see good movie and to make film culture noticeable / education of film / exhibition and publishing

The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation

The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation (KCAF) is a public organization founded in 1973 to promote activities relevant to the development of Korean culture and arts. To preserve the cultural heritage of Korea and enhance the quality of cultural life for all Koreans, the KCAF does the following:

íŠ assists research and creative activities in the fields of literature, fine arts, music, dance, drama, film, performance, traditional arts, photography, architecture, and publications;
íŠ supports research, publication, and distribution of works which contribute to the development of the nation's unique culture and arts;
íŠ promotes activities related to the introduction of Korean culture abroad and other international exchanges of culture;
íŠ supports regional cultures in Korea;
íŠ develops projects to improve the welfare of artists;
íŠ operates facilities necessary to carry on the above projects;
íŠ undertakes other projects to promote culture and arts, such as offering courses and issuing "love tickets";
íŠ provides training courses for culture and arts circles;
íŠ establishes a cultural information network and develops database;
íŠ raises and manages The Korea Culture and Arts Promotion Fund.

The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, an affiliate of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, consists of three parts: an exclusive Performing Company, Administration departments and a Research Team. The Performing Company inherits the traditional arts; the Administration departments set programs to promote the performances and education; and the Research Team for traditional music builds the basis of Korean music. The Team also operates the Museum of Korean Traditional Music for the specialized archives and The Traditional Center for Korean Performing Arts, an affiliate in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, for the promotion of local music of Korea.

The Korean National University of Arts

- Music Academy
Music Academy, the first in Korea, is just a conservatory. It has a lot in common with Juliard, Curtis, Paris, in curriculum and teaching method. To raise international musicians with our endeavor, it checks the problems in music education and sets up new and effective curriculum. In other word, it was born as a Korean-styled conservatory, which was different from others in many aspects.
Here, with the passions of professors who strive to make it the best one and students who want to be international musicians, it has developed so much for 8 years since its start.

- Dance Academy
Dance Academy, the first advanced school for dance only, aims to be an international dance academy. Its basic objective is to rear dancing artists, teachers and producers. Dance Academy opened to support the dance education in college. Giving students an opportunity to get specialties and abilities for the 21st century, it became a professional dance school both in name and reality, which provided substantial dance education. And it founded KNUA Dance Company of its own in October 1997 with the main help of professors and students, and gave students opportunities to participate in the performances of the Company. Giving them experiences of performances through the production system, it has approached still more to the goal to raise professional dancers.

Seoul Symphony Orchestra E-mail :

The Seoul Symphony Orchestra was established in 1987 under the slogan of 'Harmony of Enterprise & Arts'.