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Outdoor Areas

Seoul Arts Center
Fresh air and bird chirps will clear out your soul in the Outdoor Areas, which never stop being crowded early in the morning with people doing exercises and filling up their containers with mineral water from Mt. Woomyun. The serene beauty of Woomyun Pond was the backdrop for the five representative Korean narrative folk song plays. The Music Square located between the Music House and the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum was packed with over 10,000 people during the summer movie festival. The Fine Arts Square well known as the venue for sculpture shows and avant-garde performances has been successful in shaping its distinctive image. Outdoor Areas are designed as public spaces for people of all ages and from all walks of life for their free enjoyment irrespective of performances and exhibitions. Being the connection to the indoor venues, they are mostly located between buildings in an attempt to maximize the natural usage of space. Unique individual themes of each space are to create harmony as a single vast outdoor stage.

Culture Square
   (Music Square + Stairs Square + Shinsegae Square)

- Music Square
Placed in the center of SAC complex between Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum and Music House, it mainly plays host to feature programs and big outdoor events. And there are World Music Fountain and Cafe Mozart.

- Stairs Square
It is used as a space for the amateurs' announcement with the programs through making good use of stairs such as Pop concert and Happenings.

- Shinsegae Square
Situated between Hangaram Art Museum and Hangaram Design Museum, this is the front part of SAC complex and currently used as a sculpture park.

Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage

Located between Hangaram Art Museum & Hangaram Design Museum, it is to provide a variety of attractions for the SAC visitors.

World Music Fountain [Mar.19 - Nov.13, 2011 : Music Program]

World Music Fountain
The Seoul Arts Center’s World Music Fountain has opened as the herald of the spring. Since being created in 2002, the World Music Fountain has become a well-loved attraction at The SAC, which provides visitors with a sense of refreshment in the middle of the busy city. The fountain dances to well-known songs selected by experts and displays a more magnificent view at night with lighting. The World Music Fountain is composed of mountain chain fountain, “gat” fountain, orchid fountain, crane wing fountain, fog fountain and ballet fountain. Water is supplied to 825 nozzles according to the rhythm of the music. About fifteen songs are played each time, whose repertoires are changed on a weekly basis, to play more than five hundred songs per year.

★ Operating Days : Mar. 19 - Nov. 13, 2011
★ Operating Hours : 12:00~13:00. 18:30~20:00. 21:30~22:30 (Weekdays)
                              12:00~13:00. 15:30~16:30. 18:30~20:00. 21:30~22:30 (Weekends, Holidays)
                              (* closed on Mondays and rainy days)