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Music Hall

Music HallMusic Hall consists of Concert Hall, IBK Chamber Hall and Recital Hall connected together
by a foyer.

This section for instrumental performances, has gained acknowledgements from world's renowned musicians for its perfect acoustic architecture, stage equipments together with comfortable seats and extensive auxiliary spaces.
Concert Hall is an instrument on itself.

Concert Hall : 3 levels & 2,523 seats
IBK Chamber Hall : 2 levels & 600 seats
Recital Hall : 2 levels & 354 seats

Giantic Instruments and Artists Create a Mgnificent Harmony

Acknowledged by world's renowned musicians of its excellence, the 19,569m2 - large music hall is a classic concert hall. Since its opening it has been loved by domestic musicians and visited by famous foreign artists for their local debut and repeat performances. It consists of Concert Hall, IBK Chamber Hall, Recital Hall, rehearsal room as well as lobby and dressing rooms. Especially the lobby is open to the public all the time regardless of the performance schedule, which has been eliciting a positive response from citizens.

Concert Hall

Concert Hall
Concert Hall is the first in the nation to be built exclusively for classical music concerts.Its biggest asset is the perfect acoustics, and the arena-style stage free of house curtain ensures the clear view and transparent sound from any part of the auditorium. Concert Hall of three-tiered auditorium is newly transformed to the one with 2,523 seats through 2005 Music Hall Renovation. The box seats and the chorus seats behind the stage are preferred by many people.

IBK Chamber Hall

IBK Chamber Hall
The IBK Chamber Hall with two floors of the auditorium is the Music Hall dedicated to chamber music.

Recital Hall

Recital Hall
Recital Hall is designed to host not only recitals but also ensembles or experimental creative concerts. It is also transformed to the new two-tiered auditorium with 354 seats through 2005 Music Hall Renovation. It will be continuously loved by the new players to prepare their debut stages, young players, ensemble players, and experimental music players.