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Three parking lots for about 1,200 cars are available for visitors.
On weekends, please use public transportations as possible for convenience.

Parking Lot

- Parking Lot No.1 (P1) :
  (Music Hall Parking Lot)

Music Hall (Concert Hall, IBK Chamber Hall, Recital Hall)
Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum
World Music Fountain


- Parking Lot No.2 (P2) :
  (Opera House Parking Lot)

Opera House
(Opera Theater, Towol Theater, Jayu Theater)
Service Plaza


- Parking Lot No.3 (P3) :
  (Art Museum Ground Parking Lot)

Hangaram Art Museum
Hangaram Design Art Museum
Art Academy

Parking Lot

Those who are visiting the Seoul Arts Center for performances and exhibitions can receive discounts on their parking fare
To receive a discount on the parking fare, visitors to performances should pay in advance with your performance ticket at the automatic pay station(kiosk) and those to exhibitions should pay in advance at the barcode discount issuing machine setteled at the exhibition halls & the vitamin station.
We sincerely ask for your cooperation.

Since all cars try to exit at the same time after performances end, we have operated the automated parking fare payment system to minimize customers' waiting time. (We accept cash, credit card, transportation credit for payment.)
- Places where you can pay the parking fee in advance : Music Hall, Opera House, Vitamin Station, Museums, etc (12 places)

Classification Small-sized
(less than 2.5 tons)
(more than 2.5 tons)
Basic fare

Excess fare
less than 30 minutes / Free
less than 15 minutes / 1,000 won
less than 30 minutes / Free won
less than 15 minutes / 2,000 won
Visitors to performances 3 hours / 3,000 won
5 hours / 5,000 won
5 hours / 10,000 won (for small cars)
performance + performance or performance + exhibition
or performance + academy
= 5,000 won for one day
Visitors to exhibitions 3 hours / 3,000 won
5 hours / 5,000 won
Daily fare 30,000 won 50,000 won
Discount Fare Internal visitor: 3-hour free parking/ Receive a free one-day pass (provided by the division concerned)
Academy students: 3,000 won for 5 hours / 5,000 won for one day (when the student takes over 2 classes)
Academy instructors: provided with a one-day parking pass (according to the number of lectures)
Personnel of performances and exhibitions: 3,000 won for 5 hours / 5,000 won for one day (You need bar-code issing at the personnel entrance)
Staff of long-term performances and constructions: 15 days 30,000 won / 30 days 60,000 won
The disabled and men of national merit: Free (Welfare card should be scanned.)
Overnight parking (24:00~07:00): 10,000 won + overtime fare
Visitors to restaurants and cafes: 1,000 won per hour up to three hours (general fare after three hours)
Discount on compact cars/hybrid cars: 50% of the total amount charged