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Booking Guide

In Person :
Seoul Arts Center
#700 Seocho-dong,
Seocho-gu, Seoul,
South Korea
Visit the our Box Office(Service Plaza) which is located in the Vitamin Station.
Service Hours : 09:00-20:30(for Booking or Information)

SAC Telephone Bookings, (** Join the Seoul Arts Center(SAC Membership Service)!)
*SAC Blue/Gold Membership : (02)580-1133 / Service Hours 09:00-18:00
*SAC Woori V Platunum Credit card Membership : (02)2051-0493
*SAC BC Platunum Credit card Membership : 1566-7890
*Non-Member or Foreigner :
   Hot line (02)580-1300 or ARS (02)580-1234(+ press '0')
   Service Hours : 09:00-18:00(for Booking), 09:00-20:00(for Information)

Exchange or Refund is available
from the 10th day before the performance to the 17:00 the day before the performance.
There is a 10% Commission Fee.
* Note : On the day of the performance - No Exchange & No Refund

Ticket Collections:
Tickets can be collected with ID card and ticket Reservation Number.
At the:
     Service Plaza, available the day before 20:00
     The Box Office, one and half hour's prior the performance.

** We're sorry that online ticketing in English is not possible.

** Gallery(Art/Design) Exhibitions
    You can purchase the ticket at the Box Offices in front of SAC galleries.