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Seoul Arts Center Road name address : Nambusunhwanro 2406, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06757, Republic of Korea
Land-lot based address : 700 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Enter your destinationSeoul Arts Center(Opera House, Concert Hall, Hangaram Art Museum, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Calligraphy Museum)

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We encourage travel by public transport to avoid congestion.

Public Transportation

Shuttle Bus Service

지하철 아이콘By subway Line 3

Nambu Bus Terminal Station, Exit No.5

① Less than 10 minutes walk away

② Town Bus No.22 (2 more stops)

③ Shuttle Bus (same route as green bus)

Line 2

Seocho Station, Exit 3

① Town Bus No.11 (4 more stops)

② Less than 25 minutes’ walk away

Line 4

Sadang Station, Exit 1

① Town Bus No.17 (16 more stops)

버스 아이콘By bus Blue Bus 406, 405
Green Bus 5413
Red Bus 1500-2, 1553
Town Bus Seocho11, Seocho17, Seocho22

By Car

Parking Rates


From Yangjae

Gyeongbu Expressway to Seocho IC (Seoul Arts Center direction) → Go Straight heading to Sadang

→ Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on your left)

From Sadang

Nambusunhwanro heading to Yangjae → Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on your right)

Olympic Expressway

From West-end

Travel to east and turn left at the Banpo bridge Intersection (Express bus terminal direction)

→ Take Banpo bridge overpass and go straight heading to Seocho Station

→ Divert to the right side of the Umyeon mountain tunnel

→ Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on the front)

From East-end

Travel to west and enter Hannam IC

→Take Gyeongbu Expressway (Busan direction)

→Exit Seocho IC and go straight heading to Sadang

→Seoul Arts Center intersection (SAC is on your left)

To exit quickly, use conveniently located payment machines to pay parking tickets in advance.

* Locations

  - 1st, 2nd, 3rd level of the Opera House

  - Basement level and 1st level of the Music Hall

  - 1st level of the Hangaram Art Museum

  - 1st level of the Hangaram Design Museum

  - Hangaram Art Museum Square (Passage)

  - Vitamin Station

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Directions from Vitamin Station to venues

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