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We provide ticket reservation service by phone, online ( and on mobile without transaction fees

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Notice on Ticket Reservations

Check age restriction

All performances, except for children-specific ones, are suitable for elementary school students and older. Preschoolers are not permitted even if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Check cancellation fee

Cancelled tickets are eligible for a full refund if cancelled no later than 10 days before the event day. Cancellation requests made nine (9) days to one (1) day before the event day are charged a cancellation fee of 10% of the paid amount. Tickets are non-refundable on the event day. (In case of Seoul Arts Center’s planned events, 10% of the paid amount is refunded for cancellations made on the day of the event before the performance starts)

(See details of cancellation fee)

Limit for the number of ticket purchases through online (web, mobile)

The maximum number of tickets allowed to be purchased per online order (e.g., web, mobile) is 10. To get more than 10 tickets, you have to make multiple purchases or contact the Service Plaza (02-580-1300)

Lost ticket policy

No refund or replacement ticket will be issued for lost tickets as tickets are value instrument papers.

Wheelchair seats

Wheelchair seats in each of the performance venues are reserved exclusively for patrons with accessible needs. Tickets can be booked through Service Plaza (02-580-1300) and a proof of eligibility should be presented when collecting tickets. (No online reservation)

Payment Methods

* Credit Card · SAC Points (Mileage) · Virtual Account

* Payment agency service: LG UPLUS Co., Ltd.

Credit card (or check card)

∙ To pay for a ticket online with credit card (or check card), a customer must first get certification for his or her identity. Different authentication methods may apply according to credit card companies.

- BC Card, KB Kookmin Card, Woori Card: ISP (Internet Secure Payment)

- Hyundai Card, Samsung Card, Shinhan Card, Lotte Card, Hana SK Card: Safe Click

∙ As you pay, for a reserved ticket, you will see the certification page for your credit card. Then, enter credit card information to make a payment.

* Payments of 300,000 won or more require an authentication certificate.

Virtual account

∙ In the payment step, a virtual account of corresponding bank will be created automatically after the completion of payment through selection of the bank to deposit among seven domestic banks (NK, KB, Woori, IBK, Citi, Shinhan, Hana, Postbank).

∙The reservation will be completed by depositing the payment amount within the deposit period to the issued virtual account.

∙ Deposit using ATM may not be available, and some of banks may limit the deposit from 23:30 according to the bank policy.

(Virtual account deposit period: from the reservation day to the next day until 23:59)

∙ Virtual accounts can be issued up to 4 days before the event day. However, the conditions may be changed at event host’s request.

∙ One virtual account will be created per reservation.

(Payment amount and deposit amount should be matched, but the name of reserver may be different from the name of depositor)

Gift voucher
Culture voucher Culture voucher

* issued by Korea Arts & Culture Education Service

∙ Gift voucher issued by Korea Arts & Culture Education Service can be used as cash for ticket purchases by visiting the Service Plaza. According to the returns policy, any unused balance of a culture voucher should be returned in cash (If the amount of the purchase exceeds 60% of the value of the culture voucher, the unused balance is redeemable for cash)

∙ The use of culture voucher is possible only for events presented by Seoul Arts Center. (excluding Co-host Events)

Reservation voucher for package

The ‘reservation voucher for package’ refers to a package of admission tickets for specific events. A customer who has purchased a voucher should book tickets directly to the corresponding class in each performance/exhibition to attend events. (It is non-refundable after attending the first performance or exhibition of the package)

Ticket Reservation Service

  • Service Plaza

    Service Plaza


    Location | Vitamin Station

    02-580-1300 | 09:00~20:00

  • Box Office

    Box Office

    Lobby in each of the performance/exhibition venues

    Opening hours

    one and a half hours prior to the start of a performance through its intermission

  • Members-only Ticket Office for Exhibition Admission Ticket Sales

    Members-only Ticket Office for Exhibition Admission Ticket Sales

    Service Plaza

    30 minutes before each event ~

    until one hour prior to closing time