‘A seat better than a VIP seat’


2014 brings a new change to the art community of Korea.
SAC repertoire presented on large screen anytime and anywhere in the country!

Vision for SAC on Screen

SAC on Screen — K-Classic enjoyed close by
SAC on Screen is a project designed to make sure that the entire nation watches and enjoys excellent content from SAC on a large screen. The project took its first step in November 2013 with a live presentation of SAC Saturday Concert at the four culture & arts centers in Jeonju, Yeosu, Andong, and Yeoncheon, and 5 CGV screens in Seoul, Bundang, Daegu, Busan, and Gwangju.
The trial explored the role and potential of art presented in video, and in May 2014, the service got into full swing at nationwide culture & arts centers.
Unfolded on large screens, SAC on Screen delivers various art genres that come on the stage at SAC such as opera, ballet, classical music, theater, contemporary dance, and visual arts exhibitions.
Notably, the service will deliver not only the vivid facial expressions and gestures of artists, but also interesting stage details and behind-the-scenes stories, and the excitement and exhilaration reverberating beyond the stage.
Now, SAC on Screen transcends the boundaries of space and time to share with the nation an emotional experience with (the 삭제) excellent performances coming on the stage of SAC. Also, SAC will lead the effort to introduce the excellence of Korean performing arts and artists to neighboring Asian countries of China and Japan, Europe, and North America.

Inquiry: 02.580.1306,1314,1311,1340

email: screen@sac.or.kr