Yoo, In Taek, the President of Seoul Arts Center

Greetings from Seoul Arts Center!
I am Yoo, In Taek,
the President of Seoul Arts Center.

Welcome to the official website of the Seoul Arts Center.

Created in 1988 to faithfully fulfill the mission to "develop and promote art and culture, and to expand people’s opportunities for cultural enjoyment,"Seoul Arts Center, the nation's first and foremost art and culture complex, reaches its 31st anniversary this year.
During the past quarter-century, approximately 40 million visitors have been a driving force behind the development of the center as a representation of art and culture complex in Korea.
Seoul Arts Center endeavors not only to carry out our duties to provide"top quality cultural events"but also offer great service to visitors. 
As the saying from Korea’s Jeju Province goes: “People should pay attention to the new comers,” Seoul Arts Center is committed to listening to and communicating closely with the general public. By doing this, we believe that SAC can reach the level of world-class art and culture complex providing top-quality cultural contents and service.
Seoul Arts Center, located in the most popular cultural destination,  will provide artistic inspiration for artists as well as creating a memorable experience for its audience.

Thank you.

President of Seoul Arts Center Yoo, In Taek