• Vitamin Station

    It is a space created to promote visitors’ convenience on the sunken space between Hangaram Art Museum and
    Hangaram Design Museum. The name of ‘Vitamin Station’, which suggests that art serves to provide mental
    nourishment to humans, was selected in a company-wide contest.

  • Vitamin Station

    Completed in December 2008, Vitamin Station comprises facilities that can provide amenities for visitors in what used
    to be a gloomy and cramped main entrance to SAC.

  • Vitamin Station

    As an entirely open space, Vitamin Station includes Information & Tickets which provides one-stop services for
    customers by massing in one single space SAC guide and ticket reservation & purchase, Exhibition Room 7 of
    Hangaram Art Museum, which is a small-sized exhibition space that presents artworks in various genres, F&B
    facilities such as a restaurant with food and beverages (Ristorante Bellini) and a cafè (Cafè Bauhaus), shops, and
    other amenities.

예술의전당은 방문하신 고객님들의 편안하고 기분 좋은 이용을 돕기 위해
다양한 편의시설을 갖추고 있습니다.

롯데백화점 Kids Lounge

Lotte Department Store Kids Lounge

Opera House

SAC runs Lotte Department Store Kids Lounge to ensure comfortable appreciation of a performance by parents with young children who are 36 months or older but still too young to enter elementary school, and create a favorable atmosphere inside the performance venue. Kids Lounge takes care of children who are not allowed in the performance space.
Lotte Department Store Kids Lounge has a variety of safe play facilities, thus providing enjoyable time for children under the care of child care specialists until a performance ends.

Nursing Room

Hangaram Art Museum

SAC is the country’s first culture & arts facility quipped with a nice nursing toom for mothers visiting its performance or exhibitions venues who need to breast-feed their babies. Located on 1F of Hangaram Art Museum and 2F of Opera House, it is has clean blankets and comfortable furniture.

Facilities for the Disabled

SAC does it best to ensure comfortable visit and use by disabled people.
People have access to wheelchair ramps and elevators inside and outside SAC performance venues, while it is furnished with disabled parking, tactile paving, braille signs for facilities.

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