Operational Goals


- Developing culture and arts

- Providing people with more opportunities to enjoy culture and arts

- Promoting culture and arts


- A leading integrated provider of culture and arts that delivers a cultured life and contributes to nationwide cultural prosperity through creative revitalization of art programs.

Operational Goals

- Creation and innovation running the whole gamut of performance, exhibition & educational programs.

- Realization of a cultured life through promotion of interaction in culture and arts and social contribution.

- Realization of customer happiness with customer services that match its status as a leading culture and arts provider.

Core Values

- Creation and Innovation

- Interaction and Contribution

- Customer Happiness

Strategic Goals

1. Revitalizing programs through creation and innovation

2. Providing opportunities to actively enjoy culture

3. Customer happiness through development of leading services

Major projects

- Increasing audience and students through program diversification and quality upgrades

- Creating more opportunities to enjoy culture for those living far from cultural experiences

- Continued customer expansion through links with service improvement and development

Performance & Exhibition Plan

Music Hall

A music hall which has settled as a domestic mecca for the best classic performance planning has been presenting entertainment to audiences through different and differentiated planned programs and diverse classic performances every year.

Opera House

The Seoul Arts Center has directly produced and discovered the planned programs of diverse fields such as opera, play, and dance, and held joint works in diverse fields with private groups besides the joint program with national resident groups for the purpose of the development of excellent contents.

Art Gallery

Hangaram Art Museum and Hangaram Design Museum shows works of art from various fields with works introduced from outside sources different from the existing general art museums where the exhibitions show only the procured existing works.

In order to communicate with the public based on the supply of visual art content, which is a necessary function for the arts center, the Hangaram Art Museum specializes in the planning of exhibitions, and has focused on holding exhibition programs that have enhanced artistry, education, and popularity.

The Hangaram Design Museum has focused on showing how design is closely related to our daily life and introduced the artistic value and diversity of design.

The Seoul Calligraphy Museum has focused mainly on calligraphy but has also adopted a fusion art genre broadly to lead the diversified stream of time and to prepare the planned exhibition of more abundant content through a close connection with contemporary art.

Academy of Arts

The Academy of Arts in SAC has developed the artistic and creative abilities that we as humans possess and strengthened the understanding of and access to art. The academy provides people with an art education to help art occupy an important position in their daily lives. Through having the best lecturers in each field and a systematic, differentiated curriculum, the academy increases the degree of satisfaction by attendees. It is an academy of the highest level that cannot be compared with other culture centers. As an art education institution, it provides students with an excellent learning environment, a beautiful space in harmony with nature and the appearance of an integrated art center where people can constantly share creative ideas.

SAC Awards

In order to promote the activation of domestic culture and art fields, and to encourage its interest by citizens, the first <SAC Art Awards> held in October 2014 as an integrated award which covers fine art. Similarly fine-art-focused awards did not exist in Korea, so this award was differentiated from various awards that were held separately for different genres such as plays, opera, etc. In 2015, it was scheduled to expand and proceed in cooperation with several other culture & art organizations.

SAC Friends - Paid Membership

SAC Friends is the first culture & art organization membership based in Korea, established in 1989.

Gold Membership

It is a paid membership with the subscription fee of 100 thousand won, which provides art lovers with a high quality service. In addition to the benefit of Blue Membership, it has prepared various special services only for gold members such as a ticket mailing service, program book coupons, daily free parking, and direct operating store discount services.

Blue Membership

Blue membership is a membership for people who wish to feel the essence of culture and art more closely with a subscription fee of 40 thousand won. It provides members with pre-open ticket reservation services, performance & exhibition discounts, course discounts, monthly information magazine mailing, and invitations to member music events.